The date with Sexy Voice didn’t happen. He waited until Thursday night to call me about “details,” and then all I knew was an approximate time and a town. WTF? We were supposed to meet Friday at 7:30, and he waited until 5:30 to leave a voice mail saying he’d have to push it back an hour or two. I didn’t respond. Fuck him.

I went out with a talented guitar player instead.

The Blues Musician intrigued me. He was obviously very interested in meeting me and sounded kind and genuine on the phone, although he was a bit full of himself and his alleged notoriety. I saw a YouTube video of a performance – he’s pretty good and apparently pretty well-known around here.

Although he was a perfect gentleman and did everything “right,” the attraction just wasn’t there for me. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, though. He’s already emailed me twice and asked to see me again. I am uncomfortable, knowing I’ll have to escape this one carefully, because he’s too nice to simply ignore.

Meanwhile, Sexy Voice left me another voice mail around 8:30 pm, asking me to call him. I didn’t. This morning, he called again around 8:30 am, but didn’t leave a message. Then he sent me a rather nice email on the dating website, apologizing, telling me he really did have to work late (as if I had questioned that), and that he hoped I would call because he really wanted to set up another date. While I was surprised at the gesture, I think he blew it early when he didn’t contact me between Monday and Thursday.

Two more days until my date with the Photographer. I can’t wait.

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