I saw him Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

And I still like him.

His band plays at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park next month. He’s a bassist in a rock and roll band with a very unique style, but his personality is soft and kind and thoughtful.

He brought me a tiny rose bush on Sunday night in a gorgeous pumpkin color for Fall. That impressed me.

There are a few flags waving for my attention, and there are uncomfortable moments when I find myself in new territory, but my gut says it’s okay to sit tight and go into “wait and see” mode. I’m trying not to get too bound up in my own set of “rules.”

I explained to him that I would not introduce my children into the story unless he became very important in my life. Consequently, it makes things a little difficult at first to work around their schedules. So far, so good.

(Unlike Mr. N/A, who introduced his new girlfriend to my kids about a month ago, and she has spent entire weekends at his home with her PJ’s and overnight bag ever since. She lives 8 miles from him, and has a couple of dogs that she has to run home and let out from time to time. Seriously… is she that desperate? Renee and I went online this week and saw he was active on his match.com account within the past 5 days. Poor, stupid girl… And I have no idea what message he thinks he sending our teenage daughters… It was one thing to host an out-of-town guest – it made sense for her to stay overnight with him. But this new chick… well… she’s just downright pathetic. Oh, and did I mention she’s the mother of two young girls? God help them.)

Tonight, I’m taking my kids to dinner and then accompanying the Rock Star to a band practice. It will be my first time to hear him play, and I can’t wait to see his stage persona.

Stay tuned…

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