I’m in one of those motivated albeit realistic moods, where I get lots of stuff done but realize something’s gotta give and I can’t do it all.

Dating has gone to the back-burner for the past few days. Kids and home are current priorities.

I saw the Rock Star twice last week. Band practice got rescheduled, so I missed out on that. I still haven’t heard him play.

I feel a little foggy where he’s concerned. This is a new and very different experience for me. I feel like maybe I’m being overly cautious and skeptical sometimes, but I do enjoy his company. One big difference from past relationships is that I don’t need to see him, but I like to see him. That’s a strange new feeling. I’m not getting all sucked up in mushy blind feelings of codependency and infatuation.

He says sweet things to me that would thrill most women. I try to hide my raised brow and refrain from blurting out, “Bull shit.”

He texts me often, but not too much, and he tells me he misses me.

I guess I’m looking towards the weekend and mentally marking it as an important evaluation point. We really haven’t had an opportunity to spend long amounts of time together in a completely relaxed environment, so this will be an experiment.

His laissez-faire attitude slows me down and puts me into a zen-like state that actually feels pretty damn good, although it’s uncomfortably foreign at times.

That’s all I’ve got for now. More will be revealed, as they say.

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