Month: October 2009

Rock On…

So, the Rock Star had a big show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park last weekend. The crowd was sparse on a rainy October night compared to the presumably packed house at the Jersey shore in the warm summer months, but nevertheless, the boys played their hearts out and had the onlookers dancing and shouting for “one more song” at the end of … Read More Rock On…

My Space – Put Out or Get Out

Having learned how to establish some boundaries in my relationships, it’s challenging to invite someone to share my life. Previously, my space was his space, because I really had no space of my own at all. He was my reason for existing, and I couldn’t wait to become “one.” I had no Self. I not only wanted him in my space – I needed … Read More My Space – Put Out or Get Out

Rock My World

I’ve shut down my online dating profiles while I continue to see the Rock Star. As I’ve said, it’s a curious experiment that leaves me in unknown territory. For example, the other night, he went home sick from work, and told me he was shaky and feverish and planning to go to the doctor the next day. You may know that I do not … Read More Rock My World

Ms. Big Shot

Photo by Laverrue Yesterday I had to commute to our office in Shelton, Connecticut for the day. Luckily, I live pretty close to a train station, so I hopped an Amtrak heading north and avoided at least 6 hours of highway traffic. After living in sweats as a stay-at-home mom for 9 years, and then working in a very informal office of about 15 … Read More Ms. Big Shot

Running Around

I don’t know how much I’ve blogged about my running, but it’s become such a critical part of my life that I need to write about it. I remember running a mile or two sometimes when I was a teenager. Although I didn’t do school sports, I was an active dancer and for-fun tennis player, so I was in decent shape. When I decided … Read More Running Around