Month: November 2009

Ants in my Pants

I want to have a love affair. I’m dating, but I’m bored and want something more. The Rock Star doesn’t stimulate me mentally (or physically, really), and the Dentist, while he is an exceptional kisser, has revealed a couple of unattractive qualities about himself this weekend. I’m hopelessly attracted to a man who’s too smart to “go there” with me, and the two loves … Read More Ants in my Pants

Good Life

I am lost in my music; I can’t tell where it stops and I begin. The sounds are bouncing around inside of my soul – directing my mind, my body, and my spirit in an unrehearsed concert with glorious harmonies. All of the parts are lovely and weave in and out of each other to make a miracle. The lyrics tell my story; I … Read More Good Life

Me and My Big Mouth

I hope I don’t say something nasty – with my mouth, eyes, or attitude. I know it’s not my business; I know I am not a judge. I know that I think I know it all and that everyone should listen to my opinions about how the world should operate. I know that everything I think I know is merely an illusion, but I … Read More Me and My Big Mouth

Happy Birthday to Me

I had no expectations for anything other than a sweet gesture from my children, but the world rocked me today. I woke up to a gray morning, but since it wasn’t raining, I decided to squeeze in a run before work. OneRepublic’s brand new album took me through the entire 4.5 miles, each track perfectly matched to the rhythm of the run. Coming down … Read More Happy Birthday to Me

Birth of a Book

And let it be known throughout the land that on this night, the eve of my birthday in 2009, I began to write my book.

Christmas – Balancing More than my Checkbook

I’m standing between organized contentment and yuletide disappointment. Will my holiday home decor overwhelm me this year, or will I bask in the tiny white lights and pine scent with a grateful heart and a sense of self-satisfaction? What has to give in 2009 in order for me to maintain my serenity through the New Year? In my hand I hold a balance with … Read More Christmas – Balancing More than my Checkbook

Readers and Writers and… Men?

I caved. I’m working for the first time in my life with a pair of reading glasses on my face. I hit three different optical stores at the mall searching for an over-the-counter pair. All of them looked like granny glasses and announced, “I’m fucking old.” WalMart had a perfect dark blue frame for $17 that suits my face well. What a deal. So, … Read More Readers and Writers and… Men?