I’m thinking about writing a book.

It sounds funny to me just to type it – it’s like saying it out loud. What a stupid idea. Doesn’t everyone want to write a book? Doesn’t everybody think they can? And yeah, I’d like to meet Oprah and discuss my best-seller on her show, too, by the way. I want to sit in her chair and see the red soles of her Christian Louboutin shoes up close and personal.

It’s really a little more than a dream – I sort of feel compelled to do it. Driven… by something deep within my soul. Called… by something outside of myself. I have lots of crazy ideas. But this one just won’t go away.

The Rock Star is a creative soul, and he actually follows through on most of his ideas. It’s pretty inspiring for someone like me, who has paved highways to hell and back with my good intentions.

I’ve been working on my study – clearing clutter and organizing the stacks of supplies until I can afford storage solutions. I have a desk, a comfy chair, and a nice view.

I think I’m ready to write.

2 Comments on “Dream Big – Write Now

  1. Judging by the quality of your writing in your blogs (and even your “rug articles”), it seems something you were *meant* to do. I've never taken William Blake's words lightly:

    “If you, who are organized by Divine Providence for Spiritual communion, Refuse, & bury your Talent in the Earth, even tho' you should want Natural Bread, Sorrow and Desperation pursues you thro' life, & after death shame & confusion of face to eternity.”

    Your talent cries out. If you recognize it, and believe in it, and you believe you are not an accident in this universe but have been given the breath of God, then it's not only something you should do, it's something you MUST do!

    My past five trips to a store I've heard “Show me what I'm looking for” playing overhead and wondered if there was a sign in there for you. Now I feel compelled to urge you to consider these words from Blake and ask if this is something you are called to do. Perhaps this is something you're looking for Lisa. Only you can know.

    Good luck! I hope to read your words on paper someday!


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