I’m standing between organized contentment and yuletide disappointment. Will my holiday home decor overwhelm me this year, or will I bask in the tiny white lights and pine scent with a grateful heart and a sense of self-satisfaction?

What has to give in 2009 in order for me to maintain my serenity through the New Year?

In my hand I hold a balance with tradition, elegance, beauty, thoughtfulness, creativity, and organization on one side, and simplicity, relaxation, nonchalance, flexibility, and comfort on the other.

I know I can’t do it all, and what’s most important to me varies from year to year. This Christmas, sadly, my to-do list will not include “prepare for overseas guest.” But maybe that will leave me with more energy and time to focus on some new things.

I’m nervously excited – scared, yet optimistic.

Will I really be okay on my own?

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