I had no expectations for anything other than a sweet gesture from my children, but the world rocked me today.

I woke up to a gray morning, but since it wasn’t raining, I decided to squeeze in a run before work. OneRepublic’s brand new album took me through the entire 4.5 miles, each track perfectly matched to the rhythm of the run. Coming down the final stretch, I was moved to tears with overwhelming emotion and pure delight. By the end of it, the sun was pushing through the dense sky, and I felt the brightness in my mood and spirit. I really didn’t need anything else in order for it to be a perfect day.

I left for work and found flowers and chocolate cake waiting for me after the morning meeting.

Then, Frank treated me to lunch.

Joe decided we needed to celebrate with happy hour, so we all left at 4:00 for the Tiger’s Tail.

Phone calls, text messages, emails, and Facebook postings from all of my very favorite people came through at a steady pace throughout the day, tugging at my heart and keeping a smile on my face.

I almost choked when I saw the Belgian’s name in my inbox. He wrote me the most beautiful, brilliant, loving birthday note. I was absolutely stunned. Pain began to set in at first, but I am so thrilled that he remembered and that he cared enough to compose such a love letter that my happiness overrides any other emotion about it.

The Dentist called me on my way home from from work. He wants to take me out this weekend.

The Rock Star says he has a gift for me, but my only hint is the color green.

When I walked in the door at home, the kids had cleaned up and there was a beautiful chocolate cake sitting on a pretty yellow platter on the kitchen table, surrounded by packages with bows and cards from the kids, my mother, Mr. Nice Guy, and my former sister-in-law. Expectations exceeded.

I took my babies out to dinner, and we came back home for the cake with 5 candles – three on one side for 30, one on the other to make 31. And one to grow on. (I told Joey 4 years ago that I was 27. He’s still counting.) Delicious.

One hurtle is over in this holiday countdown. November 24th – check (with a great big smiley face).

Au suivant!

2 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Life (and the people we love) can really surprises us sometimes, can't they?!?! So glad to hear about your beautiful birthday!


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