I hope I don’t say something nasty – with my mouth, eyes, or attitude. I know it’s not my business; I know I am not a judge. I know that I think I know it all and that everyone should listen to my opinions about how the world should operate. I know that everything I think I know is merely an illusion, but I forget that part when I’m in it.

My friend is seeing fucking a guy who is in a committed relationship with another woman. He bought her a nice ring for her birthday which thrilled her, of course, but he’s spending Thanksgiving with his official girlfriend and his family. He got back together with said girlfriend after he started fooling around with my friend.

My friend thinks she’s going to marry him.


I’m pissed at my stupid friend, and my heart aches for the stupid girlfriend. And I think he’s just a great big ass.

Has she not learned anything from listening to my 17 years of suffering?

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