Month: December 2009

Only the Lonely

Sometimes I feel ashamed for being sad. I acknowledge the positive things I have in my life, and I am grateful a lot of the time. But sometimes, I’m just sad. Christmas was awful this year, and that’s not something I feel compelled to be very honest about when people ask me, “How was your holiday?” I want to answer that it sucked, really. … Read More Only the Lonely

Christmas Chaos

I’m feeling edgy. What does that mean? I’ve got the balls of my feet on the edge of sanity, trying not to lose my balance and fall into the pit of ick. Work is in limbo. Friendships are turning around. Relationships are moving. Children are acting out. Food is out of control. Holidays are pressure-filled and depressing. My expectations are always too high, even … Read More Christmas Chaos

Stage 1 with the Dentist

I think I like the Dentist. I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to date someone local for dinner dates… movies… impulsive make-out sessions… Six-hour plane rides aren’t conducive to that. The Dentist lives about 1 1/2 miles from my house, and until recently, he lived about 5 houses down the street. Our kids are close friends. I know various members of his … Read More Stage 1 with the Dentist

My Full, Filling Weekend

I lived a million lives this past weekend. I took a vacation day on Friday and nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping. I felt wonderful and free to be driving around and hanging at the mall on a Friday afternoon, as stressful as it was to choose and pay for all of those gifts. I saw the Dentist Friday night. Saturday I claimed … Read More My Full, Filling Weekend

Ride it Out

Anxiety is invading every cell of my body, spreading its poison violently and quickly. It makes my mind forget. It makes my fingers tingle. It makes my voice loud and my temper short. It chokes me, forcing me to gasp for shallow breaths of fresh air, as I’m determined not only to survive, but to turn around and kick its ass. When it loosens … Read More Ride it Out

Year End Meltdown 2009

It’s happening a little early this year. Work has been rewarding, but it requires much more focus and organization than I’ve ever needed before, and when I’m finally sitting in traffic on the dark ride home at the end of the day, I’m completely wiped out. My greeting at home is usually not of the June Cleaver variety. This week, Joey decided to take … Read More Year End Meltdown 2009