I lived a million lives this past weekend.

I took a vacation day on Friday and nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping. I felt wonderful and free to be driving around and hanging at the mall on a Friday afternoon, as stressful as it was to choose and pay for all of those gifts.

I saw the Dentist Friday night.

Saturday I claimed for myself, since I knew Sunday would be crazy. I got up late and went for a run in the freezing bright sunshine – my first after two fulls weeks of R&R to heal my shin splints. My left leg started hurting again, but I stubbornly kept running. Fuck that “getting old” shit.

I ran a few more shopping errands in the afternoon following a hot bath to warm my bones, and then I got ready for another date with the Dentist.

It was our first social date – a Christmas party for 200 or so at the home of a family friend. I observed him carefully, but not necessarily intentionally, and I quietly took in more information about this stranger who has been occupying my time.

Throughout the evening, the Dentist became more and more attractive to me, but I’m not sure if it was the environment or the wine. I like that he seems to have many friends. I enjoyed meeting a couple of cousins and Uncle Jerry (who I think was really Joe Pesci in denial), and I warmed up to their interest in our new relationship and their acceptance of me as part of the group. The thought of belonging to a local family charmed me.

Sunday afternoon I hopped a tiny plane to Indianapolis for a last-minute work assignment. I stayed with my mother and got hugs and kisses from Princess Cutie Pie, who is the most darling 2-year-old niece in the world. My Indiana visit renewed and refreshed my spirit, as I connected with those kind-hearted people who remind me of the nice girl I once was.

And here I am, back home in my bed, pondering on all of these things and wondering how they could have possibly all happened in just 3 days.

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