Month: January 2010

Life & Death

My head felt foggy and heavy this morning, as I moved slowly from a dream that left me feeling bad inside to the dawning realization that I didn’t order flowers for my Aunt Mary’s funeral today. Was I supposed to send flowers? Oh, god… how could I not do that? I would be conspicuously missing from the group, since I’m the only one who … Read More Life & Death

I painted my kitchen on Martin Luther King Day – the whole damn thing. My timing was impeccable. Five hours for the first coat, then a 2-hour break involving an outdoor run in the gorgeous warm sun, and back for the second coat, finishing up in just under 9 hours of total painting time. I love to paint. From the opening of the lid… … Read More

Up Dates

Between dating and work, my spare time has dwindled down to a few precious hours a week, and sometimes it’s hard to set priorities. Work is busy in a thrilling, exhausting, wonderful way; dating is sort of the same. While I recently thought the Dentist’s days were numbered, this past weekend brought some strange events that led to some very unexpected (and unfamiliar) results. … Read More Up Dates

Disinterest and the Dentist

The New Year brought a sense of relief along with let-down and boredom, even though my current to-do list could be broken out into chapters. I have that overwhelming urge to tidy up and organize everything in my life, but Christmas bills prevent me from splurging on furniture and tools that I’d like, and my sugar-induced lethargy is wreaking havoc on my energy level. … Read More Disinterest and the Dentist