The New Year brought a sense of relief along with let-down and boredom, even though my current to-do list could be broken out into chapters.

I have that overwhelming urge to tidy up and organize everything in my life, but Christmas bills prevent me from splurging on furniture and tools that I’d like, and my sugar-induced lethargy is wreaking havoc on my energy level.

And the Dentist isn’t very good at wooing, so my interest is waning quickly, and I’m sure he senses it. I really don’t know what it will take for someone to win my heart at this point in my life. I feel like I’m living a Seinfeld series and finding stupid things wrong with everyone I meet.

The Belgian sent me Christmas wishes and texted me just before midnight my time to wish me a Happy New Year. I am grateful and very sad.

My first instinct to numb the pain was to browse online dating profiles, which I confess I did.

But the only thing I know to do at a time like this is to start taking better care of myself. The Dentist wanted me to sneak out for awhile this afternoon while his boys were in the city with their grandmother. I declined. He did nothing to sweeten the offer, and I wanted to get my tree down and out the door.

Taking care of Me helps me stay out of trouble. It’s hard to practice self-care and self-destruction at the same time. Focus… self-improvement… goals… good stuff.

Oh my god… am I learning something? 🙂

One Comment on “Disinterest and the Dentist

  1. hello…
    your blog is very interesting, im new in blogging so can we pls exchange links so that i can learn more from you…if it is ok with you..
    thanks a lot..
    God bless^_^


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