Month: February 2010

Hello, Yeah, it’s been awhile… Not much… How ’bout you?

This blog feels like a familiar stranger to me… like someone I used to know very well but who became lost in the shuffle of Life. And now here I am, shyly saying hello and wondering if I’ll have anything worthwhile to say to this entity that has shared some of my most intimate moments. How have I been? Depends on the moment. Sometimes … Read More Hello, Yeah, it’s been awhile… Not much… How ’bout you?

The Invitation

I came across a poem today that I’ve read many times before. I had forgotten the magic in it, but it seemed so appropriate as I’ve been half-heartedly responding to endless online-dating emails with questions about my hobbies and background. With each interrogation, my frustration deepens, and I realize what a small percentage of the population shares my beliefs and views. The Invitationby Oriah … Read More The Invitation

Viva Les Valentines

While other women across the world are at the salon today, waxing, highlighting, bleaching, straightening, curling, and polishing in preparation for a big night, I am at home, on my bed, watching sappy, ridiculous love stories on television in a baseball cap, sweaty from my treadmill run and trying to hide watery eyes from my kids. My heart jumped as I heard the dog … Read More Viva Les Valentines

Dental Work

Turns out, I’d rather have my teeth drilled by a dentist than have a relationship with one. Well… one in particular. He’s not very nice. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. My natural tendency is to expect the best of people, cautiously. Knowing I have lots of my own character defects, I often try to figure out what I’m … Read More Dental Work