Month: April 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

I think I have a date this weekend. Sigh. Curious, not desperate.Optimistic, not hopeful. Bored, not needy.Eyes wide shut. Red flags yield to white. Firm heart, cautious tolerance.Fence-free boundaries. Rumbling tummy. Unwritten lessons.

Reality Check

This afternoon, my son saw a spider on the wall and wanted me to kill it for him. I said something completely ridiculous, (because I don’t exactly love spiders) like “oh he won’t hurt anything – he’s my boyfriend.” I have no idea where that came from, but sometimes it’s fun to tease my young son with silly nonsense. He came to me, touched … Read More Reality Check

Humpty Hump

Sigh… Well, tomorrow is hump day. I, for one, will not be humping. My humper is on sabbatical – intentionally and indefinitely. But I do like Wednesdays. I suppose I could write some lofty bullshit about how I’ve learned to love myself and therefore no longer require a romance for happiness. Or I could claim that I’ve taken a moral stance against casual sex … Read More Humpty Hump

Daily News

Today’s recap: Work – crazy busy Work out – sweaty and tough Mother – confesses casually that my sister lost yet another job and spends 15 minutes telling me about how the economy is just so awful Daughter 1 – feels life is over because the high-school musical is done Daughter 2 – announces she’s going vegan (this, after last year’s short-lived vegetarian stint … Read More Daily News

Idle Time

Why is it that I can sit on my ass for a 7-day vacation in the hot sun and do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat without remorse, but I can’t sit still on my couch for a 2-hour movie without beating myself up with “I should’s?” It’s insane. I keep whining to myself all week that I need a vacation. In fact, my … Read More Idle Time

The Children are our Future (and our Past)

I’m wiped out tonight. I should be sleeping, but I’m still winding down from my daughter’s opening night performance of her high-school musical. The kids did a terrific job, and my daughter is more alive than I’ve ever seen her. I thought back to my own high-school musicals and felt every emotion from the magic bonding with the cast that happens over weeks and … Read More The Children are our Future (and our Past)

Beautiful World

Sunlight creeps in between the curtains;Lose the sheets, there’s no time for sleep.I lie and pretend till I’m almost certainIt’s a beautiful world. ~ Carolina Liar I seem to have lost my momentum for the June Cleaver lifestyle I was leading recently. That’s kinda sad, but it was a good long run. But realistically, my everyday life is probably not going to be filled … Read More Beautiful World

New Growth

Today, I planted a tree. While I’ve got limited gardening experience, I knew enough to give the lifeless twig the best possible start – and I’ve got blisters to prove it. Every year, Spring amazes me. I can’t get over how the vegetation can appear completely dead one day, and overnight tiny green signs of life appear, exploding into rich colors and promises of … Read More New Growth

A Moment

More on the Mother’s Day Memo…Well, surprise, surprise, surprise… (in my best Gomer Pyle voice) One of my friends asked me yesterday if I could let go of my thoughts and ideas about what was going to happen today and just let whatever would be, be. I wasn’t sure if I could. About halfway through today’s meeting, I felt my entire body relax. (Maybe … Read More A Moment

Thinkers and Drinkers

I went to a meeting tonight and vented about my Mother’s Day Tea Memo problem, but I’m still pissed off. I suppose if truth be told, I’m less angry at him and more angry at myself that I’m unable to make any sense of this at all and for the fact that it actually surprised me. Why should anything Mr. N/A does shock or … Read More Thinkers and Drinkers

Men Behaving Even More Badly

Just when I think I’ve seen the worst of a person… I rarely check my son’s papers until the morning he’s off to school. While he’s sitting at the table for breakfast, I go through his folder to see if there’s anything I need to take care of. Last Thursday was his last day of school before the shortened Spring Break. I didn’t look … Read More Men Behaving Even More Badly

Glimpes of Glitter

Tonight I set my Easter table, and as I stood back to survey and admire, I felt smugly satisfied with my efforts. I think the Hostess with the Mostest who has been sulking in a dark corner has finally decided to make an appearance at the party. The spread is colorful and light and sets a tone for a Spring celebration. The theme is … Read More Glimpes of Glitter