Month: April 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

I think I have a date this weekend. Sigh. Curious, not desperate.Optimistic, not hopeful. Bored, not needy.Eyes wide shut. Red flags yield to white. Firm heart, cautious tolerance.Fence-free boundaries. Rumbling tummy. Unwritten lessons.

Reality Check

This afternoon, my son saw a spider on the wall and wanted me to kill it for him. I said something completely ridiculous, (because I don’t exactly love spiders) like “oh he won’t hurt anything – he’s my boyfriend.” I have no idea where that came from, but sometimes it’s fun to tease my young son with silly nonsense. He came to me, touched … Read More Reality Check

Humpty Hump

Sigh… Well, tomorrow is hump day. I, for one, will not be humping. My humper is on sabbatical – intentionally and indefinitely. But I do like Wednesdays. I suppose I could write some lofty bullshit about how I’ve learned to love myself and therefore no longer require a romance for happiness. Or I could claim that I’ve taken a moral stance against casual sex … Read More Humpty Hump

Daily News

Today’s recap: Work – crazy busy Work out – sweaty and tough Mother – confesses casually that my sister lost yet another job and spends 15 minutes telling me about how the economy is just so awful Daughter 1 – feels life is over because the high-school musical is done Daughter 2 – announces she’s going vegan (this, after last year’s short-lived vegetarian stint … Read More Daily News

Idle Time

Why is it that I can sit on my ass for a 7-day vacation in the hot sun and do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat without remorse, but I can’t sit still on my couch for a 2-hour movie without beating myself up with “I should’s?” It’s insane. I keep whining to myself all week that I need a vacation. In fact, my … Read More Idle Time

The Children are our Future (and our Past)

I’m wiped out tonight. I should be sleeping, but I’m still winding down from my daughter’s opening night performance of her high-school musical. The kids did a terrific job, and my daughter is more alive than I’ve ever seen her. I thought back to my own high-school musicals and felt every emotion from the magic bonding with the cast that happens over weeks and … Read More The Children are our Future (and our Past)

Beautiful World

Sunlight creeps in between the curtains;Lose the sheets, there’s no time for sleep.I lie and pretend till I’m almost certainIt’s a beautiful world. ~ Carolina Liar I seem to have lost my momentum for the June Cleaver lifestyle I was leading recently. That’s kinda sad, but it was a good long run. But realistically, my everyday life is probably not going to be filled … Read More Beautiful World