Tonight I set my Easter table, and as I stood back to survey and admire, I felt smugly satisfied with my efforts. I think the Hostess with the Mostest who has been sulking in a dark corner has finally decided to make an appearance at the party.

The spread is colorful and light and sets a tone for a Spring celebration. The theme is congruent and fresh; my guests are going to love it.

A vintage lilac toile pattern on a cream-colored tablecloth provides a gorgeous backdrop for dozens of colorful Spring flowers and candles. Silver charger plates hold white dinner dishes and lilac etched-glass salad plates, topped by a pewter ice-cream cup that holds a glittering sequin-covered egg with a satin ribbon. Each drinking glass contains a matching toile napkin folded into tiny bunny ears.
(I’m forced to write the description in detail, since I can’t seem to upload photos with my Windows 7, 64-bit system, nor can I find a solution amidst the hundreds of complaints for every site imaginable. Doesn’t seem to be a browser issue, either. Sigh…)

It’s all shown off beautifully by my Ruskin Room Green walls and my brand new crystal chandelier which was installed today, complete with a dimmer on a 3-way switch, by none other than yours truly.

The menu is a goat-cheese salad, roasted chicken, corn muffins, au gratin
potatoes, stuffed artichokes, and a gorgeous lemon cake for dessert. I might do a small baked ziti as a token of the Italian tradition we love, too.

This bunny has been up since 4:30 am. Time to sleep, like it or not. Morning egg-hunts and baskets of goodies await.

Update: I think I’ve narrowed this problem down to my router, as I jumped onto a neighbor’s connection tonight and finally uploaded my photo successfully. Ah… so happy to identify the culprit. I’ll research more and probably end up buying a new router. And that should be that.

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