Just when I think I’ve seen the worst of a person…

I rarely check my son’s papers until the morning he’s off to school. While he’s sitting at the table for breakfast, I go through his folder to see if there’s anything I need to take care of.

Last Thursday was his last day of school before the shortened Spring Break. I didn’t look at papers.

My son (and his sisters) went with their father yesterday for his “Spring Break Day.” He decided to keep them overnight and take them to school this morning.

Apparently last night Mr. N/A went through my son’s backpack and found a folder of paperwork not yet viewed. I’ve got no problem with that.

So he signs everything and puts the yellow folder back into my son’s backpack to return to school this morning. Fortunately, my son “forgot” to give it to his teacher, and guess what I found inside when he got home this afternoon?

The following memo, completed by Mr. N/A himself:

Grandma = his mother.

Can you fucking believe it? I don’t even know what else to say.

4 Comments on “Men Behaving Even More Badly

  1. Sweetie. I do think I understand to some degree what you're going through. I ask that you remember one VERY important thing.
    This man has no power but that which you GIVE him. And you hand him a LOT of power.
    He has the power to make you hate him. He has the power to make you angry over every little thing he does.
    You need to take back that power.
    Instead of “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!” you should think, “Glad I caught THAT one.” Give a chuckle at his pathetic attempts to control you even NOW and then amend the note without comment. If Grammaw shows up you can act surprised and say…sorry Grammaw.
    This might sound silly but there was a Nightmare on Elm Street movie where they realized if they stopped being afraid of Freddy then he'd be powerless to hurt them.
    This ex of yours is your Freddy. You even think up bad names for him…when your thoughts could be in happier places.
    Take back your power. Train yourself to re-direct your thoughts. Stay positive ESPECIALLY when he provokes you. You know he's gonna do it. When it happens just think something like, “How predictable. And realize you do NOT have to be subjected to his dickness. YOU. ARE. FREE. OF. THE. MARRIAGE. And then just have a good laugh! Right there. For your own reasons. Because you're happy to be free and FREE TO BE HAPPY!!

    Much love from me my dear Lisa!


  2. Wow. Stumbled on this after checking in with my cousins blog. Read a few posts here. Maybe the guy was just hoping his son would have some fun time with Grannie. Maybe a misunderstanding? I have a son who loves when Grandmom or Grandpop show up at these things. Lots of hate on this blog – yuck. Think I'll stumble on . . .


  3. Dear Stumbler,

    I wasn't going to post your comment, but I decided fair is fair, and you have a right not to like my blog.

    (However, I presume if you disliked it that much, you wouldn't bother to comment, nor would you actually return to the blog to read my response.)


    Yes, I agree with you that this blog contains some hate, although I believe it's mostly hurt and anger. It also presents love, learning, and laughter. My entire purpose in writing is not to make my readers feel good, but to work through some extremely painful things I've walked through in my life.

    My blog is for me. It's an exercise both in writing and in feeling.

    Some people can relate very well to my pain. If you cannot, then you are very blessed.

    Stumble on in good spirits.


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