Sunlight creeps in between the curtains;
Lose the sheets, there’s no time for sleep.
I lie and pretend till I’m almost certain
It’s a beautiful world.
~ Carolina Liar

I seem to have lost my momentum for the June Cleaver lifestyle I was leading recently. That’s kinda sad, but it was a good long run.

But realistically, my everyday life is probably not going to be filled with homemade lemon cakes and a different recipe every night. Nope – probably not. Tonight was Kraft macaroni and cheese and leftover chocolate bunnies, while I waited until 9pm for a call from my daughter saying musical practice was finally over.

I kinda felt like I redeemed myself for the day when I let her drive us home in the dark. Her first nighttime navigation.

Convincing myself that I do enough in a day isn’t easy. I give myself a mental gold star when I get my three kids off to school each morning and manage not to forget to set out the trash and recycling on the appropriate days. Knowing I am probably one of the only women on the block who puts out her own trash and mows her own grass is sort of empowering.

I get extra points if I deep-conditioned my hair the night before and took time to wash off my mascara.

My mental checklist is ridiculous, but honestly, there seriously aren’t enough hours in a day to incorporate a healthy and fit lifestyle, comprehensive personal grooming, and single parenting of three. Ain’t gonna happen. Something’s gonna give.

But, ah, no matter what I do not do, if I take my outdoor run, I can forgive myself for anything.

And I don’t even have to lie and pretend about the “beautiful world” part.

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