Today’s recap:

  1. Work – crazy busy
  2. Work out – sweaty and tough
  3. Mother – confesses casually that my sister lost yet another job and spends 15 minutes telling me about how the economy is just so awful
  4. Daughter 1 – feels life is over because the high-school musical is done
  5. Daughter 2 – announces she’s going vegan (this, after last year’s short-lived vegetarian stint that ended one day because she “just wanted a taco”
  6. Son – confides his stress level was high today because a girl in his third-grade class kept picking at him. After his sisters and I tried to convince him she might just like him, he rolled his eyes and protested, “If you had seen the look on her face, you would not be thinking that.”
  7. Evening errands – new collar for Mimzy, who broke the old one darting off after the neighbor’s cat (frankly, I hope he catches it and eats it – the damn thing prances around my yard all day and torments the poor, high-strung dog to death)
  8. Phone call – sweet friend, recently divorced, gives scoop on her first round of dating and removes herself from the online sites after a few short weeks. Sigh… I didn’t want to tell her it doesn’t get much better…
  9. On call – no calls, thank god
  10. Bedtime – clean sheets, tired bones, and completed blog entry

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