Month: May 2010

Perfect Day

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few thousand that describe my day:

I Ain’t So Stupid

One of the hardest things for a recovering codependent like me, is to let other people believe I’m _____ (fill in the blank – crazy, nuts, incompetent, or STU-PID with a nasty, thick Brooklyn accent.) Because it’s just not true. Sometimes I’ve had to reach deep to find a positive fact or affirmation to contradict the negative messages I received over the course of … Read More I Ain’t So Stupid

How Long Does it Take to Get to the End of Pain

I guess it’s sort of like a tootsie pop. The outside is hard and seemingly impenetrable, but after a long while, it begins to melt away, leaving a different yummy texture exposed. For lots of licks there toward the end, your tongue tastes a combo of the two, until the hard shell is completely gone. My post-divorce journey has been long, and the process … Read More How Long Does it Take to Get to the End of Pain

Count On It

Tonight I’m feeling so grateful for all the beyond-my-comprehension things that have happened since my divorce. Don’t get me wrong – divorce was hell, and I’m sad that it came to that. But still, the result is that I have the space and the quiet to begin to live my own life. And the Universe has been so very good to me. When I … Read More Count On It

Lisa’s Most Wanted

Take a good look.This woman offered my 14-year-old daughter alcohol. ******** This photo has been removed. (You’re welcome.) Please don’t offer my children alcohol.Consider the damage you could do to my kids:

Good Fences Make… Bad Neighbors Tolerable

Yesterday I woke up feeling very sad and upset. The weather looked lousy and my bones were cold. After surviving my morning routine, I decided to make a list of all the things that were upsetting me. I started with 5 things and ended up with a whole page. Several items had to do with my neighbors, whose backyard butts up directly against mine. … Read More Good Fences Make… Bad Neighbors Tolerable

Wheelers and Dealers / CC BY-ND 2.0 My car had a tantrum yesterday and refused to start for me this morning. Lovely. So I find myself taking an unplanned break from the office, and I’m sitting in my dealership’s waiting (forever) area. I dug my headphones out of my purse to listen to Carolina Liar and drown out the obnoxious beeping of the cell phone keys … Read More Wheelers and Dealers

Some Body

I’m beginning to feel more in-touch with my body again, after a few months of disconnection. It’s hard to say what triggered that, or what steps I took to get back here – maybe it’s just my story or the will of the Universe. I’m eating a little better and working out a little more. The scale is barely moving, but I have a … Read More Some Body

Digging Deep

This weekend, I played in the mud. I planned and cut out two flower beds in front of my house, extending the builder’s foundation design down the sides of my steps. It wasn’t a big area – doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal, but I am wiped out. On Saturday, I laid the borders and removed the grass in … Read More Digging Deep