Yesterday I woke up feeling very sad and upset. The weather looked lousy and my bones were cold. After surviving my morning routine, I decided to make a list of all the things that were upsetting me. I started with 5 things and ended up with a whole page.

Several items had to do with my neighbors, whose backyard butts up directly against mine. They have filled every inch of it with “stuff.” Trees, planted too closely together, too close to my property… an ugly children’s playhouse that looks like a barn, painted a horrible green… and numerous outdoor living accessories, including a jacuzzi.

They are huge outdoor fans, and with three boys, it’s always a party at that house. Summer nights stretch out close to midnight with bothersome noise and a bit of hurt feelings at having never been invited.

But my grievances don’t end there. They have recently acquired a cat. I don’t particularly like cats, and I think if I have to keep my dog chained up, the same laws should be applied to those sneaky little creatures, too. This one prefers my yard to his own, and suns himself in a favorite spot regularly to torture my poor, high-strung dog. I can’t take it.

My neighbor was spreading some gravel outside his too-close vegetable garden the other day and left a big mess of tiny rocks on my side. My blood started boiling.

I have some serious issues with people (and cats) encroaching on my space.

I tried to talk to the neighbor nicely, asking if he had checked the property line against his planting. He showed me the corners and said his plants shouldn’t grow past the dividing line, but if they did, just to let him know.


He decided to politely and indirectly tell me that the clover in my yard is a big problem for him. I told him I would spray it, but he would need to keep his cat inside so it wouldn’t walk though the pesticide. After all, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to the little darling. Hint, hint…

I went over my list with a good friend, and, just like that, he solved everything.

Build a fence, he said.

I think that will just about do it. Now I can remove about 6 items from my “bother” list, and replace them with just one – plan, design, build, and figure out how to pay for a fucking fence.

1 Comment on “Good Fences Make… Bad Neighbors Tolerable

  1. No need for a fence, Lisa.
    When his cat decides to drop by for a visit to sunbathe in your backyard, simply open up your door and “accidently” let your dog out. For added fun, you can also yell out, “Let slip the dogs of war!” in your best Thespian voice. Hey, I like to have a little fun with life's daily chores.

    That should put a quick end to Encroaching Kitty's trespassing. Cats are usually smart enough not to relax in what they consider to be danger areas.

    Best of Luck,


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