Month: June 2010

Morning Joy

I took my run at dawn today, for a change of pace. I left my tunes at home, anticipating the quiet meditative stillness of the early morning. I felt the sunrise, even if I couldn’t see it beyond the thick grey skies. It’s a very big difference between being up at dawn and being out at dawn. Anyone can stop for a sunset, but … Read More Morning Joy

This and That

I clocked over 23 running miles last week in a 7-day period. Not bad for my first full week back on sturdy legs. I crave that endorphin rush like a drug – it washes over my body like a cold chill and makes everything tingle. Mmm… And with every step, I cannot escape happiness and gratefulness. At last, I feel free. Free to run… … Read More This and That

A Child’s Love

The other day was my son’s birthday. I took all the kids to a local park and we had a birthday picnic under our favorite tree. As I spread out the huge quilt and unpacked the goodies, my son touched me gently and said, completely out of the clear blue sky, “Mommy, you know what? Not being able to see [The Belgian] is like … Read More A Child’s Love

Home Sweet Home

Next month marks our 2-year anniversary in this house – hard to believe. It also marks the end of my debt payments to Mr. N/A. I adore my house. I’m just so very grateful for it. Advice-givers told me to buy immediately after the divorce. I followed my gut and didn’t do it. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed with what was waiting for me … Read More Home Sweet Home