Next month marks our 2-year anniversary in this house – hard to believe. It also marks the end of my debt payments to Mr. N/A.

I adore my house. I’m just so very grateful for it.

Advice-givers told me to buy immediately after the divorce. I followed my gut and didn’t do it. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed with what was waiting for me when the time was right.

I went for another 5-mile run this evening – I’ve finally got my legs back after those nasty shin splits kicked my ass last Fall. My route takes me through the entire front-porch community, where I see familiar faces and spectacular gardens. It takes me by the sweet-scented honeysuckle and the strong pines… children on bicycles, dog walkers, runners, and new parents pushing strollers… construction sites, landscaping trucks, the nearly completed school.

I love it.

Tonight I enjoyed my children on our own front porch, rocking in our big white chairs and talking and loving each other as the sky turned grey and the street lamps came on.

And I thought to myself…

THIS is it.

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