Today was… beautiful – a beautiful, dark, rainy, chilly day.

And I am happy.

I like being happy. It sure beats the alternative.

Saturday night I had a few drinks in Princeton with a trendy, smart, very attractive woman who happened to participate in the hiring interviews for my current job. She has since moved on to other things, and we took this opportunity to reconnect and catch up.

The packed parking garage made me a few minutes late, and my phone rang as I was rounding the corner to the outside trying to get my bearings and figure out which way to go.

I guess my blonde hair gave me away in the dark, and she spotted me long before I saw her. We made our way into a popular bar and she gracefully removed the black wool poncho to reveal sharp, indigo-colored blue jeans with a bright golden thread trim that outlined stylish pockets on her size 0 backside, and her bare shoulders made beautiful lines underneath her trendy black vest. A gold necklace set with rubies and a simple pair of stud earrings completed her very classy look.

And she was glowing.

I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, and she surprised me by ordering a top-shelf scotch. Eventually we found seats at the bar and talked for hours. More drinks… an exquisite tower of the very best seafood… and then a round of water before the drive home.

Truly, there is nothing like an evening of animated, secret-sharing conversation between two women. I hope to do that again very soon.

The rest of the weekend held other assorted surprises. The Redskins beat the Eagles in a big shake up, and I was at a local pub to witness it.

Sigh… I love being happy.

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