Long, heavy sigh…

I am exceptionally happy.

Stars, planets, and chakras are aligned. It’s a good life.

Sometimes, the Universe pulls a fast one on me. Exhausted and recovering from several months of unbelievable stresses, I was content enough just to see the rash disappear and feel the electricity-flow in my body subside.

And I was grateful.

But the good stuff was unexpected, and, I think, undeserved. That’s the best kind of happiness, isn’t it? When you don’t feel entitled to it? It just feels like one hell of an unexpected gift. Kinda like showing up at an Oprah show audience and finding out it’s the Favorite Things episode.

The mother lode.

I don’t know if there is a predictable process to get from Point A (Stress) to Point B (Bliss). If I knew a formula, I’d publish it and retire.

For now, I will bask in it, enjoy my gifts, and thank the Universe profusely for this beautiful, fragile thing called happiness.

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