I think I have writer’s block.

I’ve written from a painful place for so long… I don’t know how to write from joy.

Happy moments have come and gone – like spikes of extreme emotions that are rare and short-lived, but I can’t remember having such a long, sustained period of time where I felt so good.

I’m not complaining.

Maybe I’m afraid that talking about it will scare it away. My mother used to say, “Shh… the sun is shining,” in a quiet whisper, as if mentioning it out loud would send it running behind a giant thunder cloud.

“Happy” seems like such a lame word to describe the state I’m in. I am… elated. Delighted. Uplifted. Ecstatic. Content. Intoxicated. Thrilled… and… joyful.

Just like that.

One tomato pie, a kiss, a giant mind-shift, and… magic.

Along with the joy comes an exceedingly appreciative heart and spirit. I am filled up with gratitude for this moment – for these moments – for all that I am and all that I have and will ever have.

Thank you, dear Universe, for pouring out this gentle, loving, shining contentedness upon my soul.

For this… this is truly divine.

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