Month: November 2010

I’m Done

This might be the first holiday season since the divorce that I feel relatively normal and excited about entertaining. My contact with Mr. N/A is slim to none, and that just feels terrific. I feel my anger towards him lifting as my life continues to evolve and grow and not involve him so much. Our story has reached a new chapter in my book, … Read More I’m Done

Celestial Bodies

I am safe. I feel whole. I am full of light and love and all good things. I find security in vulnerability, connectedness in letting go, and ecstasy amidst the calm. The Universe has dropped heaven upon me while I’m still breathing. I am transformed.

Slow Dancing

When I was little, my grandfather fondly called me Motor Mouth, because I never stopped talking. My grandmother routinely cleared my dinner plate before I had taken a bite and then scolded me for not eating my dinner. The truth of it was that I spent so much time talking at the table, meal time was over before I had a chance to eat. … Read More Slow Dancing

Musings on Marriage

Artwork by Anna Silivonchik When I was a young girl, I began collecting things for my Hope Chest. I clipped Betty Crocker coupons from cereal boxes and packages of Kraft macaroni and cheese, and I sent away for pieces of silverware, one utensil at a time. I agonized over the pattern, hoping my choice would transcend trends and time. Each fork, spoon, or knife … Read More Musings on Marriage

Moving on Up

And it just keeps getting better… When I think I’ve reached a lifetime limit on my happiness factor – when it seems nature must surely make a turn to bring my feet back down to the earth – my ecstasy climbs another rung on my ladder to Cloud Nine. I feel like I’m gushing… am I gushing? It’s so different. What it’s not: needy, … Read More Moving on Up