And it just keeps getting better…

When I think I’ve reached a lifetime limit on my happiness factor – when it seems nature must surely make a turn to bring my feet back down to the earth – my ecstasy climbs another rung on my ladder to Cloud Nine.

I feel like I’m gushing… am I gushing?

It’s so different.

What it’s not: needy, clingy, insecure, obsessive, demanding, dictating, or addictive.

What it is: gentle, kind, content, loving, surprising, open, and… wonderful.

I still find myself editing my thoughts because Sleepover Girl continues to be obsessed with reading my blog for some psychotic reason, and I really don’t want her to know how happy I am. It’s none of her fucking business.

Her ex contacted me out of the blue the other day; I don’t want to be involved in their drama.

My unwritten story. My life. Mine.


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