Month: December 2010


Tonight was my older daughter’s senior Christmas concert. Unbelievably, the kids tackled the very difficult “He Shall Purify” piece from the Messiah, full of melismatic passages that take the vocal chords on a serious obstacle course through the music staff. I’m so proud of my daughter. I love to watch the young faces of high school kids on stage. Peachy skin… healthy hair… beginning … Read More Hallelujah!

Cinderella Shoes

This holiday season, I bought a pair of shoes to match my mood – a 4 1/4″ silver-heeled, glittery, sparkling pair of peep-toed pumps that make me feel like a princess. Of course, someone still has to clean the fireplace, but knowing I’ve been to the ball makes it so much more tolerable. I’ve had three holiday events so far, with two more on … Read More Cinderella Shoes

Fucking Perfect