Every time I hear this song, I choreograph and perform a sexy pole dance in my mind. God, it’s a provocative tune.

I feel like my sexuality has been stifled for such a long, long time. A strict religious upbringing… a sexless first marriage… and a second husband with some apparent Catholic-guilt induced hangups and intimacy issues.

I am a sensual being. To deny that part of myself is like telling one lung not to breathe.

Dancing connects my Self with my body, allowing an opportunity to physically express all of those sexy thoughts and emotions running around in my mind and in my soul. I dance for dancing’s sake – and for my Self. And while I have danced for crowds of 90,000 people, I have never danced for just one.

In my erotic dance fantasy, I drop all bashfulness, along with most of my clothes. Clad only in stilettos and lingerie, the music moves me along in a titillating rhythm, the pulse of the song driving the throbbing of my…



Anyway… love this song.

1 Comment on “The Big Bang

  1. Lisa~

    Live your fantasies while you are able. Don't live to regret it.

    Been there… :\


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