Month: February 2011

Fly-By Saturday

My productivity is soaring today, despite the mystery disease that is clinging to me like lint on a black wool suit. As thick, nasty goop drains down the back of my throat, my mind is clearing up. It’s like some unseen cleansing ritual has possessed my sinuses and decided it’s time for a purge. After a month of it, I decided to back off … Read More Fly-By Saturday

[We] Became Willing…

I am willing. I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but those are the words that are coming to me right now. I am willing to write. I am willing to share my story to the best of my ability with a hope that someone, somewhere, won’t feel quite so all alone with such great big feelings. I am willing to feel my anger. … Read More [We] Became Willing…

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

I am an Oprah girl. A soccer mom with new-age attitudes. Vocal and insightful. Unstoppable. Willing to dig deep. Striving for my best life. Supporter of victims. Owner of Oprah-reviewed reading material. Miss Positivity. I shop at Nordstrom, and I am part of the cult-followers of popular skincare and makeup products. I also have a Martha Stewart thing. I have the perfect shade of … Read More Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

A Different Story

Looking back through the pages of this blog, I see a woman I barely recognize… and I also see glimpses of a soul I nearly lost years ago. I’ve been one angry lady. Anger may have been an appropriate response to my surroundings, but I believe I’ve outgrown its usefulness to me now. I’m ready for something new. It’s time for yet another chapter … Read More A Different Story

Women Love a Cheerful Giver

Unlike birthdays and anniversaries, there’s really no way for a guy to “forget” about Valentine’s Day. Bombarded with heart-shaped icons, ProFlowers emails, and explosive sex lubricant commercials, a man is stripped of all excuses. If he forgets to celebrate February 14th, he is a jackass. Period. And I think that’s exactly why some of them hate it so much. However, “no excuses” means some … Read More Women Love a Cheerful Giver