Unlike birthdays and anniversaries, there’s really no way for a guy to “forget” about Valentine’s Day. Bombarded with heart-shaped icons, ProFlowers emails, and explosive sex lubricant commercials, a man is stripped of all excuses. If he forgets to celebrate February 14th, he is a jackass. Period.

And I think that’s exactly why some of them hate it so much.

However, “no excuses” means some guys will be obligatory givers. You know the type – they think they deserve a gold star and a blow job just because they managed to sign on begrudgingly to an internet site with a credit card and order $80 worth of red roses. This is standard stuff, guys. If you don’t think your lover is worth $80 (or whatever flowers you can afford) then fuck you. (Figuratively, of course, because there will be no real fucking going on if you mess this up.) Lovers of obligatory givers usually start off being sweet and thoughtful, but quickly turn into needy, greedy bitches. Not feeling cherished in the least, they turn to nagging and demanding to get their needs met in the relationship, because passive acceptance never ever means he’ll do better next time. After several cycles of this behavior, the internet shopping stops altogether, and both partners grow to loathe the holiday of “love.”

In contrast, the cheerful giver delights in an opportunity to shower his lover with indulgent gifts. One dozen red roses isn’t enough, so he sends 18, and he would probably send a whole truck-full if he thought it would make her happy and if she wouldn’t think he was insane. He exceeds her expectations, not only with the gift, but with the generous spirit in which he gives it. “Every day should be Valentine’s Day,” he says. And through the years, she needs and expects nothing from him, because he has already given her the greatest gift of all…

He cherishes her, and she is completely confident that if she asked, he would give her the whole world.

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