My productivity is soaring today, despite the mystery disease that is clinging to me like lint on a black wool suit.

As thick, nasty goop drains down the back of my throat, my mind is clearing up. It’s like some unseen cleansing ritual has possessed my sinuses and decided it’s time for a purge. After a month of it, I decided to back off the assorted pharmaceuticals and let my own body do the healing. So far, I feel better, not worse. I should have known better – I’m not a pill-pusher.

My body has been screaming at me about something. My immune system is weak and all kinds of little medical curiosities have arisen in the past couple of months. It’s interesting, even if I have absolutely no insight about it. Nothing serious has come of any of it, thank goodness, but I consider it all a big wake-up call. I need to take better care of myself.

This winter was cold and hard; I am ready for green grass, tulips, and longer days. I’m not looking forward to the rainstorms that accompany Spring, but I can already feel the difference in the air and I can smell the morning after and its promise of gorgeous days ahead in my mind. Blooming life all around – it’s intoxicating.

I’m anxious to write a fresh new chapter – excited to see what 2011 holds.

This day flew by with a blink. Why do Saturdays come and go so quickly?

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