Anger is good. Anger is like fire – it’s cleansing.

~ Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry was on Oprah today, discussing his abusive childhood. He moves me. His movies stir me. His soul is connected with Love and Truth.

This afternoon, he said something like this:

The strength you have when you take [the abuse], is the same strength you need to let it go.

That packed a big punch.

When I think of some of the things I endured in my marriage, I can hardly believe I survived it: discovering his affairs during my pregnancies, birthing babies with the humiliation of knowing he was leaving the hospital to go see her, being abandoned with a new baby – 3 times, lies, lies, and more lies. How did I even get out of bed, much less take care of our children?

And it’s no damn wonder I got mad.

My anger ripped through me like a raging inferno and burned for a long, long time. I think the worst is over, and the smoldering remains are much easier to contain now that the biggest blazes have died down.

Surveying the damage, I’m salvaging the parts of my Self that are still intact and examining the parts that may need to be rebuilt. What is left?

Hope did not die in the fire, nor did my belief in a power greater than myself that can restore me.

I am Surviving.

Self-Love rises up where Self-Loathing melts away.

I am the Mother of 3 exquisite people.

I am willing to Change.

I didn’t Cause it, I can’t Control it, and I can’t Cure it.

Love endures.

Letting it go requires grit and fortitude. I think I can do it. I guess my Optimism survived the fire, too.

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