Month: April 2011

Old Movies

My daughter has a fascination with old family videos; she’ll pile up a stack of tapes at my mother’s and hole up in the back room for hours. While I love to watch clips of my children when they were babies, I get a sick feeling in my stomach as I recall the surrounding events and the pain I carried around inside. I don’t … Read More Old Movies

Leaps and Boundaries

Inspired by the very helpful staff at Princeton Running Company and my cushy new running shoes, I managed to put in 15.13 miles last Saturday morning before the clouds began to wring themselves out. Self-imposed limits and old ideas are melting away as my legs carry me easily through the New Jersey countryside. If anyone had forewarned me 10 years ago that I would … Read More Leaps and Boundaries

Waking Up

(I admit I find it flattering, entertaining, and slightly amusing that Mr. N/A and Sleepover Girl have continued to visit my blog regularly for at least a year now. Certainly my life isn’t that exciting, although it is much, much happier.) This past weekend, I set out to run a 7-mile route through the countryside in an attempt to curtail my mileage a little … Read More Waking Up

Let Me Go

Saturday afternoon I hit the pavement for another leisurely weekend run. I debated with myself about whether to run 8 miles or 10. I finally knew I would go for more in the end, so I set my Nike+ gear for 10 miles and set off, armed with a great playlist full of my favorite running tunes and a happy spirit. Daffodils and forsythia … Read More Let Me Go