(I admit I find it flattering, entertaining, and slightly amusing that Mr. N/A and Sleepover Girl have continued to visit my blog regularly for at least a year now. Certainly my life isn’t that exciting, although it is much, much happier.)

This past weekend, I set out to run a 7-mile route through the countryside in an attempt to curtail my mileage a little before I start my official race-training schedule (per advice from more experienced runners). I missed a turn and did 10. Oops. What a blessed mistake. I love the way it feels to run that far.

For someone who never liked to be outside unless the weather was perfect and I had a very good reason to be, I certainly am spending an awful lot of time outdoors lately. I even rode my bike the other evening as a cross-training exercise – almost hit a squirrel.

And this morning, I did 5 miles with the local earthworms in a cold, gentle mist – and felt great about it.

One thing I know is that people can change. I can’t always count on others to change, but I know I have the capacity for it myself. It’s possible. If I can, well… anyone can.

It takes courage to change. Stepping into the unfamiliar is frightening and shakes you down. You discover muscles you didn’t know you had. Sometimes you wish you could just drop out of the race, but if you hang on, unimaginable gifts are sure to come your way. You find yourself waking up, and you didn’t even realize you had been asleep.

We’re waking up
We’re waking up
And right on time
And right on time

~ OneRepublic, “Waking Up”

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