I’m not sure how long I was in the shower. My body felt cold to the core, which is strange, considering how overheated I was on the run. I let the hot water run over every inch of me until my bones warmed up and I felt normal again.

I’m still getting acquainted with the trail – different surface, special shoes, and much more social activity than my small-town farms (at least, after 9 a.m.) I don’t know why it seems more difficult to run than my local asphalt. Today, I had the additional challenge of carrying 66 ounces of fluids on my person while I began my 8-mile trek up the path. I finally stashed one 22-ounce container and gratefully retrieved it on the return 8.

I have trouble relaxing into the trail runs. My body still isn’t quite sure how to settle in. But somewhere along the 10th mile, I felt like I could easily run until the sun set. Later, around the 13th mile, I realized that was a delusional fantasy, at least for today.

My reward for completing the 16 was my newly acquired tradition of wading into the Delaware River and holding my balance against the cold current while my tired legs cooled off. A few fishermen were scattered along the shoreline, and they were my only company. All I really wanted to do after that was go home and crawl into bed – which I promptly did, after that shower.

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