Finally, I seem to have stumbled upon a formula that’s propelling me along towards my weight-loss goals.  I feel great, and I’m really excited about that.
I’m beginning to view the barrage of unhealthy food commercials on television like junk salesmen at those tacky shops in New York City.  It’s junk, no matter what the label says.  And I don’t need it.  I’m not even tempted.  I want the good stuff.  High quality, well-made, delightful nutrition to fill me up with all things divine.  
I deserve it. 
I want to have the best possible running experience.  I don’t need to carry 20 pounds worth of bullshit with me in my next marathon.  I don’t want to be numbed out by sugar or any other crap that gives me a temporary feel-good moment. 
I want the real deal.  
I deserve it.
And I’m gonna get it.

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