Month: June 2012

People in Glass Houses

My client presentation in our Jersey City office this morning energized me in a million ways.  I love dressing up for work and gliding in to a modern glass high-rise on the Hudson River with a full view of the Manhattan skyline.  I mean… god, it just doesn’t get any better than that!  There is something erotic about cleaned-up men in suits and jackets … Read More People in Glass Houses

Climbing the Hill

Yesterday I doubled up my runs with a 5k race in the morning followed by 18 long, slow miles back home in the countryside.  I much preferred the latter.   Hill Road is becoming one of my favorite parts of my training, falling in nicely around miles 9-11 and giving me a burst of energy and confidence.  I have a long way to go before … Read More Climbing the Hill

Just Adjust

Since I’m not talking, and I’m not fucking, and I’m not running (for the past two days, anyway), I’ve decided to eat a little.  I feel like an alcoholic on a binge after a long stretch of recovery.  And everything – all of the horrible eating habits – comes rushing back to me as if I’ve never eaten a healthy food in my life.  … Read More Just Adjust

Watch Your Mouth

What is there to talk about when you can’t talk about the things you wish you could?  All the rest is just chatter, filling in the empty spaces with noise. I’m so fucking tired of being appropriate and using restraint.  I feel like my head is going to explode. Lots of times I’ve said the wrong thing, but I’ve always tried to do the … Read More Watch Your Mouth

Sunday Revival

I can’t believe I’m already in the middle of another marathon training schedule.  Today’s long was lovely, though – a slow 17 miles through the countryside.  Dozens of tiny white butterflies kept pace with me along the edge of the fields.  After a month or so of assorted stressful things, it truly felt wonderful to let everything go and just breathe through this run.  … Read More Sunday Revival

Gettin’ my Groove On

The music is playing, and I am dancing one of the most beautiful dances of my life.  There have been moments like this – when I can’t believe my good fortune and the Universe lines everything up just so – when happiness pounds through me, and I almost feel like I’m going to pass out from the emotional buzz. I’m so grateful to be … Read More Gettin’ my Groove On

I Won!

Loudoun County, Virginia, June 2, 2012 I hadn’t planned to race the VA Wine Country Half Marathon – I was going to relax a bit and just enjoy the spectacular scenery, not worrying about time or pushing too hard. Yeah, right.  Sometime on Thursday, I changed my mind.  Everything that could go wrong, did.  I’d had a suckish training run the previous weekend.  My … Read More I Won!