I can’t believe I’m already in the middle of another marathon training schedule.  Today’s long was lovely, though – a slow 17 miles through the countryside.  Dozens of tiny white butterflies kept pace with me along the edge of the fields.  After a month or so of assorted stressful things, it truly felt wonderful to let everything go and just breathe through this run.  I can’t even remember what I thought about during those 3-plus hours.  Things would pop into my head and then vanish, leaving my mind relatively empty and receptive to all that this endurance event had to offer me today.
After a brief refueling at home, I stripped off a layer of soaked clothes and then cut the lawn.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done it myself, but it felt good to labor in the yard.  My yard.  At my house.  Ah… I am grateful.  I pulled some weeds, washed the car, and sun-burned my midriff.  
I prepared a delicious, nutritious lunch and ate it while I watched a French film called Sexual Chronicles of a French Family.  It explored sexuality from a variety of viewpoints; the filming was artsy and the sex seemed very disconnected from passion or any emotional bond, which I found dull and boring.   
After pampering and primping, I think I’m ready for another week at work.  In fact, I’m rather excited about it.    

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