Since I’m not talking, and I’m not fucking, and I’m not running (for the past two days, anyway), I’ve decided to eat a little. 
I feel like an alcoholic on a binge after a long stretch of recovery.  And everything – all of the horrible eating habits – comes rushing back to me as if I’ve never eaten a healthy food in my life.  The addiction is grinning smugly while my helpless body falls limp into a food coma.  
To top off the fun, I woke this morning to one of the worst rounds of the Itchy Rash I’ve ever had.  Lovely.  
In the interest of self-care, I mustered up energy to do what I could to feel better – I stretched out in the sun with a great book.  Yeah, about running, but about Life, too, as running always is.
To date, I’ve been using life tools to manage my runs – mostly Endurance and Pure Stubbornness.  Today, I find myself rummaging through my fitness tools for something to help manage my life.  
I learned an important concept during my weight training this week at the gym.  It was Shoulders Day.  Now, I know that my shoulders are not my strongest body part, but I was working them pretty good twice a week for quite awhile.  Then Coach introduced me to a new machine.  I mumbled some self-deprecating comment about my strength, and eyed the baby weights warily.  I was only mildly embarrassed when I couldn’t even budge the damn machine – not one fucking inch.  But my brain was spinning a lecture for me and tempting me to sit there and keep trying until I got the thing over my head.
Without missing a beat, and without a disappointed face, Coach moved me over to a bench with a set of lighter dumbbells for that set.  No problem.  We found a weakness and we needed to adjust.  Just like that.  Later in the workout, I went back to the machine with no weights and still couldn’t press it.  So, I have some work to do.  No big deal.
Adjustability.  Now that’s a powerful tool.
‘We say [it] is the game of life, ‘ Angel said. ‘You never know how hard it will be. You never know when it will end. You can’t control it. You can only adjust.’
~ Christopher McDougall, Born to Run:  A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Ever Seen

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