My client presentation in our Jersey City office this morning energized me in a million ways.  I love dressing up for work and gliding in to a modern glass high-rise on the Hudson River with a full view of the Manhattan skyline.  I mean… god, it just doesn’t get any better than that!  There is something erotic about cleaned-up men in suits and jackets and crisply-starched shirts lugging black leather cases with laptops.  Sigh…
A solid orange sheath with towering stilettos and simple jewelry was the perfect uniform for my mood today.  The conference room was sexy, with a provocative, over-sized, beautiful table and soft leather chairs that kissed my ass and begged me to make myself comfortable. 
The clients (all men) were friendly and smart.  Talking to intelligent people about business systems turns me on, and I was lit up like a halogen light bulb.  I grasped their hands firmly for my hello, but felt my femininity oozing out uncontrollably, everywhere.  My heart raced, and we began the seductive dance of relationship-building.  Sex – at work – without exposing body parts.  
After an hour of entertaining, interactive conversation, I ran a couple of administrative and social errands in the building and made my way back down the turnpike to my daily grind. 
In contrast to the Jersey City office, my place is quiet and somewhat empty, with lots of staff out for summer holiday.  Today I didn’t mind it so much, as I wanted and needed to settle in to some undisturbed project planning.  I quietly went about my tasks for the afternoon, lamented about my missed gym session, and told myself tomorrow will come soon enough.

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