Month: July 2012

Leave it Alone

StoryPeople I’m lost in obsessive thoughts.  About this, about that.  They’re all swirling around like tiny leaves on a windy day, being tossed about randomly and never finding a place to land.  I want to lay them all out on the ground and organize them into nice, neat piles.  This goes here… this goes there… oh, and this goes with that…  But I can’t … Read More Leave it Alone

Connect the Dots

I flew to Indiana last weekend with salon-fresh hair and nails, a new dress, and sexy shoes.  We didn’t have a large turnout for my high school reunion, but there was enough of a mix to stir me and guide me a few blocks down Memory Lane to a forgotten place I have managed to avoid for many years. My feelings were big and … Read More Connect the Dots