Month: August 2012


The eve of a holiday weekend has me wound up tighter than a drum.  I’m closing out an excellent week, filled with assorted wonderful things that leave a little tingle in my tummy. My workouts were sweaty and productive, and my bones finally feel recovered from the trail marathon.  Things are moving and shaking at work, and I am optimistic about the future for … Read More Tongue-Tied

My Beating Heart

Why is it that I had to wait until my neck is crinkly, my ass is dragging, and my skin is dull before I could begin to love myself?  Kind of ironic, don’t you think? I look at photos of my younger self, and I long for the toned arms and legs of my youth, but god, I wouldn’t go back to that state … Read More My Beating Heart

Push Me, Pull Me

For various reasons, I decided not to post about my most recent relationship, which has challenged me to write about my Self.  Hence, the posts have been few and far between.   I wonder if any relationships exist where one partner does not need the other more.  I seem to be at one side of the spectrum or the other, and both ends can be … Read More Push Me, Pull Me


Dicks with authority are the worst kind of evil in the world.   As a child, my choices were limited:  stick it out in my bedroom, or run away from home.  I chose the former, but 2 weeks after college graduation ceremonies, I got married and left the nest for good.   My father isn’t a dick anymore – at least, not around me.  I finally … Read More Ejection

Running Wild – Eagle Creek Trail Marathon

I woke in the darkness to dress and prepare for my first trail marathon.  My mother wisely stayed out of my way as I nervously raced from one room of her house to the other and tried to pull myself together while downing my standard pre-race breakfast of sprouted-grain bread, natural peanut butter, and a banana.  I washed my vitamins down with a bottle … Read More Running Wild – Eagle Creek Trail Marathon