Month: September 2012

Working Out with the Big Boys

Coach is finally making his way back to the gym after a serious injury and some work-associated gallivanting, and I’m grateful to be returning to a pseudo-normal schedule.  I wasn’t the only one who missed him. The regulars at the gym are easy to recognize; there aren’t many of us.  When one of us is out, the others know it.  We have Drago (nicknamed … Read More Working Out with the Big Boys

The Little Princess Grows Up

I’m basking in a very happy place.  God, I just love it when life is like this – sunny, optimistic, bone-tingling joy. Just because. Because I let go of my expectations. Because I allow myself to be loved. Because I act from Love and not from an agenda. Because I see the Universe as a protective, nurturing place. Because I have surrendered myself to … Read More The Little Princess Grows Up

Let Me Love You

I just walked home from my final elementary-school back-to-school night.  The moon grinned wickedly from behind a smoky haze, and the air was heavy with the peace and quiet of a Thursday evening.   Crickets sang softly, porch lights warmed the path, and the neighborhood tucked in freshly bathed children for the night. I felt loving and loved. Last night I found myself perched in … Read More Let Me Love You

I am Titanium

I hate the thought of other people feeling hurt during my attempts to preserve my Self.  I was brought up always to consider others first.  Self-sacrifice was the name of the game – the bigger my loss, the greater person I became.   What a crock of shit.  I didn’t become greater – I became non-existent.  Never again.  Ever. I still fight those old ghosts … Read More I am Titanium

Great Escape

Early this morning, in the wee hours, I got stuck in between exits on the turnpike during an accident investigation – for 5 ½ hours.  As the hours slipped by I sang, read, wrote, snacked, napped, car danced, and panicked.  I’m not sure if it was the gravity of the assumed fatality and injuries or the delirium of being confined in the black of … Read More Great Escape

Cure my Dis-Ease

When you need That’s what you get for falling in love Then you bleed You get a little but it’s never enough On your knees That’s what you get for falling in love Now I’m addicted and your kiss is the drug Your love is like bad medicine Bad medicine is what I need Shake it up, just like bad medicine So let’s play … Read More Cure my Dis-Ease

Restless in NJ

It’s hitting me – the inability to rest.  Yesterday I ran 14 exhilarating miles through the farmlands, saw a few old friends (and met some new ones), and ran errands.  And I was very happy.  You would think that today, I deserve to relax on this rainy holiday weekend.  But I can’t.  I don’t think I know how. My head hurts, presumably from sleeping … Read More Restless in NJ