Early this morning, in the wee hours, I got stuck in between exits on the turnpike during an accident investigation – for 5 ½ hours.  As the hours slipped by I sang, read, wrote, snacked, napped, car danced, and panicked.  I’m not sure if it was the gravity of the assumed fatality and injuries or the delirium of being confined in the black of night in a parked car surrounded by tractor trailers, but I ascended to a higher state of being sometime before dawn.  

There was no pace to track, no trail to remember, no form on which to focus my attention.  Sleep evaded me, and eventually I let a mid-crisis calmness cradle me until I was left quietly alone with my galloping thoughts and feelings.  I played each card as it came up, acknowledging it, feeling it, and deliberately discarding it.  God, it felt great to clean that mess up inside my head.
After the day had settled in, engines started, traffic began to move again, and I was off to put some of my new ideas into practice.
My take-away from this experience is:
  1. Innuendo can be tiring. 
  2. Honesty doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.
  3. Some guys really are terrific.
  4. People can surprise me.
  5. I am worthy of being loved.
  6. I’m a big girl now.
  7. I’d rather be happy than win.
  8. A little frustration doesn’t have to send me down the hole.
  9. Great friendships are golden.
  10. I am extraordinarily happy.

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