I’m cleaning house at a more detailed level than usual; it takes a long time.  And, in true spiritual fashion, I’m uncovering a lot more than candy wrappers in the couch and dead spiders in the corners by going deep.  Tiny glimpses of awareness and quick breaths of “ah-ha’s” are dancing in my face and begging me to emerge from the funky-funk into an elevated state of being. 
This morning I rolled up the family-room rug and found a great big mess underneath.  For months, as long as the top of the rug was vacuumed, it seemed like the room was clean.  But I knew better.  I just didn’t want to face the filth.  
Today I stared it square in the eye, and I am finally addressing the icky stuff with some pleasant results.  My food cravings have subsided.  I began healing a broken relationship with a special friend.  I miraculously came across some literature today that confirms some of my ponderings about my sexuality and what I believe I need in a man (more on that in another post).  Oh, and my family room is clean – really clean.  
I am open to whatever the Universe has in store for me this week.  It might be a doozy. 

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