Last night, I crawled in between my high thread-count sheets and pulled my warm down comforter in a soft flannel duvet up to my chin.  My body sank gratefully into my mattress, and I doused the light by 8:30, after drinking “one more glass” of water.  I woke at 11:11 pm with an all-over uncomfortable feeling and a very sore body, like a most horrible round of flu with body aches and a general feeling of “I think I’m going to die.” 
I lay there and considered my options, and finally I dragged my ass out of the bed and put on my robe.  Walking wasn’t nearly as awful as I imagined it would be.  I carefully made my way down the stairs to search for Ibuprofen.  I loaded up with a salty snack and another container of water, and then popped some Motrin in hopes of some restful sleep.  I managed to make it until just before dawn, and the achiness was much less of an issue then.  
After a hot shower, I took the steps downstairs without consequence, and I marveled at how easily my body had recovered from yesterday’s beating.  I donned my Sam Edelman platform stilettos and strutted off to the office, and no one would ever guess I ran 26.2 miles yesterday unless I chose to brag about it (which, of course, I did). 
I had a late afternoon chest workout with Coach, and it’s the first time since Sandy blew through that things have seemed more normal and comfortable.  I had some slight hamstring pain when I bent over to change off his heavy weights, but it was really nothing more than the good kind of sore one gets a day or two after a hard workout.  We stuck to light-hearted topics like marathon running and red power ties and saunas and static cling.  
The recovery feels good.  I guess it’s normal to tread gingerly at first until full confidence returns and one can move comfortably again without fear of pain.  Fearlessness leads to openness and… Love.  And this is true in all things, not just running insanely long distances.

Today my friend invited me to run another marathon with her in the spring – this time we would pace for 4:00.  Hmm…

“First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn.”   ~ Asics

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