I’m feeling surprisingly good, smack dab in the middle of assorted shit and ugliness.  It’s amazing what a little exercise and healthy eating can do for a girl.
That, and a brain adjustment.
Some of my favorite go-to’s when I need a tune up:
What’s changed?  Has anything about my situation really changed, or is it just my head or my perceptions?  If I was happy yesterday, nothing can stop me from returning to my bliss except me.  Things don’t change – I do.
Sticks and stones…  Nobody can control my feelings or my behavior.  I won’t give my power away to another person.  Not happening.  No.  Your actions, your behavior, your attitudes and your mouth belong to you.  They cannot hurt me.  
Feelings aren’t facts.  Feelings come and go.  I like it when the good ones come and the bad ones go.  I try to feel them all and release them into the Universe like a helium balloon.  Just let go of that string and watch them float away.  I don’t have to understand them or learn a lesson or bury them.  Let ‘em go.
Ride it out.  I use this one a lot with my kids.  When I was young, I thought a bad day would last forever.  Now I know Life happens in waves – ups and downs.  Ride the wave… the next good thing is coming.
I know the heart of life is good.  This is a quote from John Mayer’s lyrics:
Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No, it won’t all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good
I trust the Universe completely, though not always willingly. 

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