My happiness factor is very high despite being exhausted from sleep deprivation.  Coach, who notices when my elbows are not at the proper 90-degree angle and when my energy level is less than 100%, seemed surprised by my smiley faces today and commented on the contrast between my mood and my all-black gym attire.

First of all, I was still basking from the impressive Redskins win against the Giants last night.  My hero, RG3, led the Skins to victory in studly burgundy and gold form.  I love to watch that young man play football.  Secondly, it was Arm Day.  I really can’t explain all of the benefits of Arm Day, but suffice it to say it delights me in a very big way.  I know men are supposed to be the visual creatures, not women, but nice biceps thrill me, and Coach’s happen to be outstanding.

But today I could feel my inner radiance working its way to the surface and forcing the corners of my mouth into a permanent upturned grin.

My cheeks hurt.

I’m so fucking happy. 

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